måndag 5 september 2016

When will the arabstates manage on their own?

Will there ever be peace in the muslim majority World? When will the fighting end?

How many more men from USA, Europe and the Western World will have to die on the soil of muslim majority countries before there will be peace?

How many migrants from the Muslim World will there be in the Western World?  How many mosques?
Will it go on forever?

How many muslims will there be in Europe so many pouring into the continent?
How many into all the Western World? Why so many men? Do not women suffer from war and lack of food and water?

Why are there no women escaping the muslim majority World on their own?
Why do muslim women follow their men and the same ideology as in the country they say they are escaping?
Why go on living according to the same rules as in the countries left behind?

Why do muslim men escape their countries instead of fighting against terrorists?
Why do westerners and those not muslims fight against terrorists instead of the men leaving? Why do not muslim men in the Western World train themselves and go to their countries fighting as soldiers in order to free their homelands fromt terrorism and terrorists?

How much money will Europe, U.S.A. and all the Western World have to pay to help the muslim majority World?
Why is there no change despite all help? When will it all end and how?

What is the point helping a few coming to Europe and USA, so many left behind?
Why helping a few from countries with a majority muslims becoming majority in the non-muslim World?

Why changing not muslim countries into majority muslim countries? If not in order to destroy the non muslim World.
Strange that UN, EU and Governments in the Western World allow.

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