lördag 3 september 2016

Helping Africa and the Arabstates instead of Europe.

Neither Africa, the Middle-East nor Asia suffered attacks by the Nazi regime. Nor were they occupied by Soviet-Union like european states.

EU was meant for Europe. Now Eu is helping arabstates and the muslim majority world instead of european countries in need.  This is unjust and should not be.

Why is not Africa developing? Why are not the arabstates? Instead populations and problems only are increasing despite of so much help.
Africa and the Arab states rely on and seems to depend on help from Europe as well as from U.S.A. and the rest of the Western World instead of developing. It seems as if they will never manage to support themselves.

African and Arabstates not helping each other. Just fighting each other and others. Seemingly for ever.
The support from developed countries not changing things to the better. Things just growing worth Taking what in fact belongs to Europe.

Neither Africa nor any muslim majority nation suffered Naziockupation. Still they get support instead of countries attacked by the Nazi regime and suffering Soviet Union communist terror.

Muslim countries are  against the same as the Nazis were. Still getting that much help instead of countries in Europe suffering from Nazism and Communism.

It is unacceptable of EU demanding from countries in Europe suffering from attacks by the Nazis and ockupation by Soviet Union to help countries being dictatorships oppressing the same as the Nazis and Soviet Union.

It is not fair. Juncker and EU today attacking Europe as the Junkers-Stukas during the WW2. History repeating itself.

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