tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Sweden? First in Europe to be an islamic state?

Which european country will become the first european islamic state? Most probably answering that Sweden will.

Sweden seemingly is very popular in Africa, the Mid-East, Central-Asia and all of the muslim World. Takes no professor to understand.

The country and its population almost as much in danger and helpless as the yazidis in the Middle East. Not yet in such a danger as when being in the minority.

Seems as if most of the Swedish people do not care about what might happen. So far no serious measures being taken to stop the growth anyway.
Majority seemingly not believing in  a " Muslim take over " or in german a: " Muslim Machtübernahme. "
Majority saying like Angela Merkel in Germany : " We can. " " We´ll fix it. " " Mosques belong to Europe. "

Still there is just a small minority of non-Muslims in most muslim states. Being oppressed and without political influence.

Being in the majority is one thing. Being in the minority is another.

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