torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Sweden? Or an Arab state?

Being told we ought to help the so called developing world. The UN flag on the school-yard was hoisted.

Today watching swedish TV. Wondering whether being in Sweden or in an Arab state?
There is a lot of talking about the Arab states. The last 40 years. Africa, Middle-East, Central-Asia, and about India. Each day, each evening.
Focusing on the Arab states instead of on Europe.

There is incessant talk about Sweden helping. First years with money support, technical and medical. Since about 1990 increasing immigration.

At first being being told it was just momentarily. Till things grew better and the migrants could return to their own countries, the authorities said. But it just grew and grew.

It increased and grew into an industry. So and so many each year. Growing in numbers and economical support each year. From some 20,000 a year to 50,000-90,000 and even more each year.
Labelled differently. Asylum seeekers, in special need, family reunion, looking for shelter, being poor, escaping wars.

Being told they would integrate. Instead mosques being built in Sweden as in all of Europe and in the country of the " Great Satan ", as U.S.A. was being called by revolutionaries in Iran in 1979.
Obvious they intended not to integrate but to grow in numbers and power. Sticking to their own views, ways, laws and rules as much as possible. Obviously no intention to integrate.

Also being told that Sweden needed immigration and migrants. Difficult to know what it is to be called, refugees, migrants, experts and why Sweden needs them.

Daily told there is lack of almost everything in Sweden. Like flats, medical staff, money, police , teachers. You name it. Sounds as if Sweden is not developed and instead needs immigration and help from abroad.
Next minute the government saying there are more of everything than ever before. Next minute lack of everything again. Wondering for how long time and how many can come? Can not go on incessantly.
Naturally there will always be deficiencies as long as so many are coming all the time. Constant immigration, constant deficiency.
Of course just some 0,14 of world population can not support 25% to 80-87%. For how long will it go on ?
Geographically Sweden is just a small part of Europe. Not big like Africa or the Arabstates.
Irak ca 1,1% water, population some 36 million in 2014. Afghanistan almost no water population some 32,5 million in 2015. Somalia some 1,6% water population some 10,4 million in 2014.
Sweden ca 8,97% water, population some 9,6 million 2016.
A question of demand, supply, time and of good judgement.

Being told there always was migration and that we all are migrants. Certainly not from the arabstates. Not muslims, like today. Growing more and more. Becoming majority as it goes on.

Even being compared to migration from Sweden to America. Politicians comparing migration from the Arab World to Sweden and Europe with that from Sweden and Europe to America in the 19th century. Such a ridiculous comparison.
Comparing immigration from that into Europe and the West from the Arab World with one from Europe and all the Western World to the Arab World, would be a more adequate comparison. But there is no such migration. Only one way.
Mosques being built in the Western World. However there are no churches being built in the Arab World. Very strange.

Being told that their well-educated are coming here. Thus Sweden taking well-educated from not developed countries in need of education and educated people.

Being told there was lack of money two years ago. Later on that we are loaning to manage the immigration. Then that the economy of Sweden is better than in Germany and the U.S.A.

Being told it is a duty letting as many as possible into the country. As if arab states have no responsibility for their own countries and peoples.

Sweden being the victim of failed Arab states and not only Sweden.

Being lied to all the time. For how long? How come? Hoping for a change. Must change.

Lacking words.

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