fredag 19 augusti 2016

Imams ruling Europe?

What is the future of Europe? Will imams rule Europe?

There was a school for imams in Dresden during the Second World War. Today there are a lot of more muslims in Europe than ever before.

Will there be imams or mullahs ruling Europe instead of the laws so far?
What will the part of  EU be? Will the EU-administration be shut down after a Machtübernahme?What will happen to NATO?

What is the point letting so many muslims into Europe otherwise? Will not lead to anything better in Europe or in the countries migrants leaving for Europe. Nor to anything different from that in islamic states. Demanding the same in Europe.

For sure it is good for those supporting muslim imperialism or caliphate, imams ruling Europe.  Good for them, islam being spread in those parts of the world, not being conquered so far. Not for others,

Who in Europe not being a muslim, is looking forward to such a historical change?
Growth is good, depends on what sort of growth. It is good with change, of course depending on what sort of change.

This growth and change can not be called good by any normal person.

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