onsdag 29 juni 2016

A referendum on migration to Europe. Arabstates should not be allowed to decide over Europe.

There ought to be a referendum inside Europe on migration to Europe. Arabstates should not be allowed to decide over Europe.

Europe is going in the wrong direction.

Money has not helped.
Money has not helped to develope the developing World. No help succeeding so far. The developing World seems not willing to change like Europe after two World wars.

Nothing has helped so far. The developing World never developing.
Despite lots of help for decades nothing has changed to the better in the so called developing world. Significantly without any democracy, no peace, lack of good schools, lack of  medical care, lack of military organization to stop terrorism and wars, without and increasingly without water and food, eroding agriculture, desertification.

The EU was meant for Europe.
Despite of being meant for the EU, the population from the arab World in the EU is growing, seemingly without any limitation. EU increasingly helping the so called developing World. To no use.

Neither any escape nor any refugees.
Instead of being escape and refugees it is more like moving on terms decided by the countries they are leaving.
The arabstates themselves deciding who will be allowed to move and not, how to live and not, what to obey and not, what to follow or not.

Till one day there will be a taking over.
Migrants from the arab World not being allowed to criticize the countries they left.
Not accepting the way of life in Europe.
Mosques being built. No churches being built in the muslim World.
Just following the law of the country residing in as long as being forced to. At the same time trying to implement their own.
Till one day a taking over of  power will be realized.

Different migrants.
There are different migrants from the so called developing World. Not all following the same rules as in the countries they left and are leaving. But the majority.
Those criticizing islamic dictatorship escaping being punished ought to be allowed asylum, as well as Christians being oppressed. Depending on.

There are three times more people in the developing World than in the developed.
There are three to four times more people in the developing World than in the EU.
Growing by some 70 million a year. Growing numbers inside Europe.
In this way one day muslims easily might become a majority in Europe as in their own countries. Can not be allowed.

Europe not being responsible for the arab World.
Each country ought to be responsible for its own future. Europe cannot be responsible for the arab World.

Arabstates should not be able to decide over Europe.

Thus a referendum ought to be organized on migration to Europe. Since nothing else seems to help.

Migration to Europe at present is not to be compared to any migration from one european country to another before or at present.

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