måndag 18 januari 2016

What is help helping? Things only getting worse.

Would it be impossible to return muslims from Europe to their countries of origin?

Why cannot muslims be stopped from entering into not Islamic countries?


1. there is no criticism of islam or Islamic states

2. there are demands on not Islamic countries to accept islam 

3. there already is Islamic rule in Islamic countries

4. islam is not democratic
5. democracy, not islam should be spread

There are a lot of contradictions regarding islam and escaping Islamic nations. For example.
To escape from Islamic nations. Not to allow criticism of islam. Neither on TV, nor in daily newspapers.
Sometimes called escape and shelter. Sometimes called enrichment, needed in the states with influx.
To demand protection in not Islamic countries. To demand respect for islam.
To sometimes claim it is escape from war. To sometimes claim that islam is peaceful.
Never to claim islam as reason for escape. Always to claim the reasons for escape are war, torture, poverty, all but islam.
To get support to develope. To worsen in spite of support.
Is said to be multiculture.  Leads to one culture and dictatorship.
Neighbouring countries in areas from where lots of people migrate to Europe do not accept refugees.
Refugees prefer countries in Europa instead of in their own neighbourhood.
Christian countries accept muslims. Christians and others are not respected in Islamic countries. Muslims coming to Europe, crying, telling terrible stories, saying they are happy to be in Sweden, Germany and so on. Still demanding islam.
There are claims there are too many elderly in Sweden and in all the developed world. Still more elderly are coming from outside. Lots of younger are coming as well. They will get older too.
There are 75% young under the age of 30 in many countries in Africa. Jobs and development are needed there as in the Middle-East, Afghanistan and all of Asia. They must change as must Europe.
There are claims there are too few children in Europe. Support own population getting more then.
It goes on and on.

That is no escape, that is:
1. To colonise. Colonization
2. To invade. Invasion
4. To islamise. Islamization
5. Dictatorship

The EU and every other good organization, country and individual as well, must help the victims. 

Critics of islam in Islamic countries in need of help, should be allowed as possible. Others not.
Every country must accept responsibility for its own citizens..

It is up to ourselves as well as to anyone. Islam does not belong to Europe.

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