tisdag 12 januari 2016

The last fight? Europe on the brink?

Just a matter of time now? Bad signs lately as since long.

For how long time still now will Europe remain as Europe without giving in to islam?

Will logic and commonsense capitulate and allow islam to take over? Seems to be just a question of time now.
There are lots of agreements already signed pointing in that direction. Hope not. However what says it is not?
There are good reasons to suggest it will happen. Lots happening which give good ground to believe it will.

1. Weak leadership. Not daring to criticize expansion of islam.
2. Riots. In european suburbs and towns.
3. Terrorattacks. Inside Europe. Based on hate against other beliefs and believers.
4. Violations of european values, european culture and of the history of Europe.
5. Stronger and stronger, worse and worse, intensified, different methods unfamiliar to European civilization.
With and without weapons. Stones, guns, bombs, knives, physical provocation. Contradictory to all european thinking and development.
6. Influence and power in leading financial and other organizations.

This was not possible before. Europe has and and always had its wars and problems. Like everybody else. But never surrendered to islam. Like so many others have. Europe ought to know better. Europe has to be stronger,

Once islam conquers a nation it never leaves. It never has. It stays for ever. Like anywhere it is in power. Nothing changed. It looks for supremacy.

It is strange that islam is growing so much stronger now and act as it does. So hostile. After centuries of lack of development.
Strange that it will and intends to take over and destroy. Instead of changing into that which is better has changed.

There are good reasons to worry. Europe is not safe. Unless it protects itself accordingly.

Just saying. Sorry for the imperfect English.

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