söndag 3 januari 2016

Blitzkrieg attack on European way of life.

Coming in hordes. Mostly strong, wellfed, uneducated men - women are not allowed to leave without male relative - from islamic states with families or without. As if nothing could stop, or anyone has the right to stop them. Demanding support. Selfconfident. Forcing their way into Europe. Some 90% males. Kicking fences. Not respecting police. Throwing passports but still having iphones. Attacking the European way of Life.

Like a Blitzkrieg attack.
A Blitzattack but without any airplanes. It is scaring to watch on the News. Nothing stopped or stops them. Welcomed by few, striking horror in most. Perfect timing. More will come for sure.

Reports saying that Sweden as one of the countries most attacked will restrict influx into the country by migrants to one thousand per day. A change of the human open politics of the country. As if that is too few.

How come they can come like that not being stopped?
Seemingly knowing nothing could happen to them. Not possible without support from leading authorities and organizations with influence.
Not respecting Europe. Not thinking of how it is for people in Europe to have to experience this. Not thinking of consequences for Europe.

Some 50 million muslims already in Europe. How many more?

It is being said there are a lot of Europeans and therefore they can accept more migrants into Europe.
That is a contradiction. The more there are the less being able to help. Europe as a developed continent is blamed for overconsumption. How come then one can claim that so many immigrants can come? That must cause even more consumption.

It is also often being said that noone could have predicted this influx.
There however already are some 50 million muslims in Europe. It could not have been a surprise to anyone that more wish to come.

Also one could ask why people leave islamic Nations because of wars, since islam is said to be so good, peaceful and loving.
Without islam no terrorattacks. Very strange to attack Nations offering support and shelter from wars.

Strange why islam is allowed in Europe at all. It does not help in any way. How much will Europe let islam grow in Europe?

Borders in Europe must be restored. Without borders anyone might think it is OK to migrate as they please into Europe. Regardless. Without any papers, without any passports. Mostly young, strong,  uneducated men. Women coming alone without male relative as company not allowed.

Europe must diminish islams influence in Europe, stop migration to Europe and demand from islamic states to develope themselves and to stop spreading islam.

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