onsdag 4 november 2015

Is Europe a brothel? Arab Nations must show solidarity.

It seems as Europe is turned into a brothel. Just to come and to choose country, preferably Sweden. 

Europe always was told there was overconsumption. Now letting in endless floods of foreigners from outside
90% majority of men and a few women following and obeying them. Mostly muselmans. As if women do not suffer from wars, poverty, lack of food and water. As if it cannot be the same in Europe.
There are more men than women now in Sweden. Can be the case in all of Europe. With an overwhelming majority of people outside Europe compared to Europe as a hole and compared to each european country. EU and the Governments of  Europe have turned their backs to the consequences. Why? Who wants this?

Just to choose after how much money you get. The leaders of Europe are like hallicks and brothel owners. Open their arms, smiling broadly, letting strangers in and allowing them to take over country by country.

Europe is demoralized. Leaving all its values and achievements like carbage in the dustbin. As if the EU is meant for arab nations and not Europe.

Europe was meant for Europe and Europeans. Not for arab nations. Cooperation on equal terms yes, but not islam deciding over Europe.
Arab Nations must take responsibility for their own citizens. It is not Europe´s responsibility to take the responsibility for citizens of arab countries,
The UN must demand Islamic nations show solidarity. The Governments of Europe must change their minds.
Stop all support to nations now getting from Europe if they do not change. Strengthen boarders. Stop all asylum seekers. Return those who forced themselves in.

No to islam in Europe.

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