tisdag 27 oktober 2015

The end of Sweden. First developed nation to be turned into an islamic state.

Ongoing influx of people from the Middle East and Central Asia is changing Sweden into another country than just a few decades ago. Between 1979-2015. 

The Swedish model turned into the Swedish nightmare.

Mosques builded. People from arab countries soon in majority.Turning Sweden into a refugeecamp and more and more an arablike country. Not too soon changing name, flag and political system completely.

Nobody seems to care. Neither the EU nor the UN. Sweden is of no importance to them.

Too small or what the reason might be? Maybe cause there is no open war. Although lots of problems. Schools burnt, riots, cars burning. Increased criminality, drugs, unemployment, low schoolresults PISA.

The King and the Primeminister (Statsminister) attending a meeting in the autumn of 2015 stating Sweden - that is their own country - has no culture.

The islam religion is the second in Sweden. Soon it might be the first,
With some 1,6 - 2 bn muslims in the world, it is not difficult to understand that a country with a population of just some 9,7 million including some 1 million muslims and the ongoing and seemingly neverending increasing migration into it, Sweden soon will be changed dramatically.

The worse is there is no resistance enough.

You are called strange things like xenophobe and racist if you do not accept the situation. Quite historic.

Sweden might be the first industrial nation to be changed into an islamic state.

Very frightening indeed. This is how it is to live in a country being changed into a hated dictatorship. Hoping and praying it will never come true, Lots hoping the same.

Just the thoughts of a common man.

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