lördag 24 oktober 2015

Endangered democracy

The democracy in Europe is endangered. 

As one totalitarian system was defeated the next appears. Europe has suffered the Nazism as well as the Communism. Both were defeated after suffering great hardships.

Yet another anti-democratic ideology is trying to take over Europe. Islam. 

It is not a question of when and how, it is a question of  now and infinitely. It is strange islam is tolerated in the developed world.

Democracy is a fragile system.

It is not stronger than its weakest link and has to be upheld, guarded and supported all the time.

Democracy will easily be changed into dictatorship if it is not well protected by all fair means possible.

If Europe or any country of  Europe does not prefer to protect Europe or itself there is nothing more to do or to say.

Maybe Europe does not see the danger, underestimates it or prefers it before the present system? 

That means of course the end of democracy in Europe and the state which Europe and most countries of Europe has reached. That would be disastrous.

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