tisdag 1 september 2015

Not like refugees after the Second World War.

The influx of  people of islamic faith into Europe now is not to be compared with the refugees because of the Second World War.

No arabic nation was ever attacked by Germany resulting in refugees in Europe.
The refugees caused by the Second World War were from within Europe being attacked by the nazis and the Sovjet-Union.
The refugees coming to Europe now are from the islamic world fighting eachother.
It is instead to be compared with the efforts to invade Europe by the islamic world historically and militarily. The Mores 700-1492 and the Ottoman´s 1300-1923.
Germany is a member of the EU. However it is against its neighbours today as historically.
Now supporting the spreading of islam in Europe. Before the nazi-ideology.
During the First World War Germany was on Turkey´s side against Great-Britain.

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