torsdag 27 augusti 2015

Why have You given up, Europe?

Europe. Why have You given up? Was it not good as it was? 

Not proud of what You achieved after the World War II?

Like peace, welfarestates, friendly neighbours. After all hard years. Struggling so hard.

What was wrong?

Why are You leaving all You accomplished behind? It was never such a good life in Europe. Not as after the Second World War.

Why are You given it all up?

One totalitarian system defeated and another after that and yet another. Now another one is turning up. 

One totalitarian system is being conquered, soon replaced by another one turning up. Like  a law of nature and not of humans.

How will You get rid of this one Europe? Is it not even in Your mind what is happening and what You are risking?

It is unbearable. Beyond imagination.

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