fredag 28 augusti 2015

End of Europe and The Fall of the Roman Empire.

Are we facing the end of Europe? Like the Roman Empire once? 

The Roman Empire on and on was invaded by lots of different foreign tribes and by strong and well organized armies. Almost like Europe is today. Facing an endangered future.

It meant the destruction of the Roman Empire. 

Economic aid during decades has taught the masses in the islamic world there are lots of money to gain i Europe and a better life in general. As well for the already rich as for the common person. 

Weak states without any bordercontrol. Easy to get full citizenship. No passports or legitimation needed. Hoards of people roaming the countryside. Europe more or less without any protection. Like Ancient Rome once.

A mighty force that will overtake Europe as once was the case with the Roman Empire. Worse situation for the least populated and most defenceless European Nations.

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